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A clogged toilet can easily become a major issue in your home, especially if you’re planning a get-together or a family function and people will be visiting your home. At Woodie Woods plumbing we know how embarrassing toilet problems can be, and that’s why we offer top-level contractors to help deal with these issues quickly. We offer a clogged toilet service, toilet repair, sewer line cleaning, and full toilet replacement services. If you’re having bathroom troubles we can send someone out to resolve the issue fast – keeping your home comfortable and your family happy!

How to Know When It's Time to Replace Your Toilet

Every good toilet has a lifespan, and when that lifespan comes to an end you’ll have to make the decision to replace it. Here are some simple signs to help you spot when the time has come, and replacement service is needed.

  • Toilet regularly clogs
  • Toilet doesn’t flush properly
  • Tank or bowl aren’t filling properly in-between flushes
  • The toilet is leaking around the base
  • There are cracks in the toilet
  • The toilet runs regularly
  • The toilet suffers from rust on several of its parts

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