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Water Softener System Installation & Repair

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Protect your plumbing from hard water damage with a water softener installation from Woodie Woods

Most people have heard that a water softener is beneficial, but few people understand the whole range of benefits that one of these systems have to offer. At Woodie Woods we’ve seen firsthand what hard water can do to your plumbing system, and how homes suffer without the use of water softeners. From damaged pipes to frequent clogs, hard water can be menace you don’t realize you’re dealing with until it’s too late. With a water softener installation, you can fight back, protect your plumbing, and add value to your home.


The Benefits of a Water Softener

  • Reduced damage to pipes and kitchen utensils
  • Smoother skin
  • Minimize soap film buildup
  • Protect hot water heaters over time
  • Minimize the need for soap and shampoo when bathing
  • Longer lasting water appliances
  • Reduce energy costs

At Woodie Woods, we work within your budget and home needs to find you a viable water softener that works for you. These devices can help protect your pipes from scale buildup, and leave you to enjoy soft and comfortable water at all times.

Get in touch with the licensed and certified plumbers at Woodie Woods Plumbing Company to learn more about how our experts assist you to install or repair water softener systems in a breeze. Give us a call or complete our convenient online form today to request your no-obligation estimate of costs.