Plumbing Leaks in Your Home?!

The time to address this is yesterday!  Have you noticed any of the following?

  • The sound of water running?
  • Soft wood?
  • Noisy Pipes?
  • Wets spots?
  • Water stains in your in your homes floor, wall or ceiling? (Sagging Ceiling?)
  • Rusty Pipes?
  • A strong smell of mildew?
  • Cracked foundation?
  • Standing water in your yard after a dry spell?

If your answer is YES to any of these, then don’t wait.  Leaks left alone will continue to cause further damage to your home and can be toxic to your family’s health. 

Call Woodie Woods Plumbing today!  Our professional licensed plumbers will locate the source of the leak and walk you through a customized plan for repair for your home.

Do you smell gas in your home or property?

If you can smell gas, you should call an emergency gas plumber to take care of the problem. Never postpone gas leak detection and repairs, it can be dangerous. Emergency gas leaks must be detected and repaired at the earliest in any property, be it your home or office.

Bear in mind, if gas is leaking in your home or property, your health and safety may be at great risk. Therefore, it is prudent to get protected from possible gas leaks, which will not only keep you and your family safe but will also save you money on your gas bill significantly.

What To Do If You Smell Gas Or Sense Gas Leak?

  • First, you need to turn off all your gas supply/connection.
  • Turn off all your gas appliances in your home including gas cooking appliances, heaters, and hot water unit(including the pilot).
  • Find your gas meter – the gas meter is normally located in a metal box on the side of your house (commonly opposite side to the driveway), or in your front garden.
  • Once you have found the gas meter, turn off the gas meter by rotating the valve 90 degrees to the horizontal off position. The meter is off when the handle is at a right angle to the pipe.
  • Contact your gas retailer in case you don’t know or can’t locate your meter and service valve on your property.

At Woodie Woods Plumbing Company Hot Water & Gas, we have certified and experienced plumbers as well as the latest gas leak detection equipment for detecting gas leaks and providing repairs quickly. We’ll not only ensure that you and your property remain safe but also protect you from getting inflated gas bills.

Get in touch with the licensed and certified plumbers at Woodie Woods Plumbing Company to learn more about how our experts can detect gas link in a breeze. Give us a call. 

At Woodie Woods, we have all the requisite tools and equipment to carry out tests at your property to detect a gas leak and repair it. So, if you can smell gas in your home, without delay calls us to inspect the problem to detect possible gas leaks and repair it right away.

Usually, all gas leaks take place in the home or property where gas is used, which include gas appliances like a gas stove, gas oven, gas heater, gas hot water heater and also at the gas meter.