Water Filtration

Water Filtrations Ensures High Quality Water Throughout Your Home

The water in our area is identified as hard water due to the presence of high magnesium and calcium levels. Mineral deposits and buildup that occur over time, lead to poor water quality. This will often result in lime build up and inefficient appliance performance, including stiff laundry, spotty or cloudy dishware, soap scum residue, etc. It can also cause damage to your pipes and hot water heater.

Unlike the DIY filters that attach to faucets, whole-house water filtration systems comprehensively filter all water entering your home. At Woodie Woods our licensed plumbers provide expert water filtration system installation or replacement. Want to reduce chlorine and eliminate chemical and pollutant build up from your household water? Call us today!

Water Filtration Maintenance

Maintaining your water treatment system will ensure long lasting water purification while extending the life of your home’s plumbing system. Let the plumbing specialists at Woodie Woods take care of all your water filtration needs, including:

  • Changing filters
  • Sanitizing cartridges
  • Inspecting and replacing-rings to help prevent leaks
  • Setting the tank to provide the right water amount and the right pressure

Get in touch with the licensed and certified plumbers at Woodie Woods Plumbing Company to learn more about how our experts assist you to setup your water filtration in a breeze. Give us a call or complete our convenient online form today to request your no-obligation estimate of costs.